You wait for a bus, and then …

Yes it’s an all-action day in “Thought grazing Towers”. I’ve been meaning to poll for a day/time for our next socialmedia cafe event, but you know, the time never seemed just quite right, there was always something else that was “more pressing” {don’t laugh}.

Anyway, with Google+ in the wild (OK, under some kind of control in the wild) and with some other interesting developments:

  • What is, do you see a use case for it?
  • The emergence of Oxygen as a competitor for Dropbox in the enterprise.
  • Should we be pushing Posterous more as an easy-entry socialmedia tool?

… not to mention the feedback from, and follow-up to the Learning and Teaching Conference in May, we need to meet and chat over coffee don’t you think?

There’s a link to a meet-o-matic invite here. I’ll tweet it as well. When I see a good number of folk clustering around a given day/time I’ll re-tweet a revised meet-o-matic. Then I’ll update the side panel and tweet the event – so watch out for further updates. I’ve been thinking about using the cafe at Julian Hodge – what do others think? You might also note one option is late Friday afternoon, that would allow for an adjournment to a local hostelry for the dedicated.

I’ve not been asleep, just resting … it won’t be a roar, but it won’t be a whimper either!


Next event – November 5th; no gunpowder please

We’re meeting again this coming Friday 5th November; again in the Graduate Centre, in the Students Union on Park Place. If you want to drop-in for any length of time between 11:00 and 14:00 you’d be very welcome.

If you want to know more about “thought grazing” go to the “parent site” or drop @thoughtgrazing a tweet.

Let us know you’re coming and use the space below to give an indication of things you’d like to chat about. I’ve added a post below which gives an idea of some topics that might get discussed.

Social media cafe launches at Cardiff University

Thought grazing’s social media cafe launches this October in Cardiff University’s Graduate Centre in the Student Union Building on Park Place. A place to come every month and meet other social media practitioners working in Higher Education and have a chat over a cup of coffee.

Break down those divisions between disciplines, add to your social networks, meet those virtual colleagues (your followers, or those you follow) in the flesh, work-up project ideas together with the leading educational social media practitioners in the university or just come and learn … or drink coffee.

No expertise barriers to entry. Just an interest in the use of social media and its application in research and education.

So if you’re working in HE – post-graduate, researcher, lecturer or service provider – why not come and join others like you on 22nd October, 11:00 – 14:00, Graduate Centre, Students Union, Cardiff University, Park Place, Cardiff

Let us know you’re coming and use the space below to give an indication of things you’d like to chat about.