Polling for a July date

With all the excitement of the university’s social media strategy; the impressive roll-out of Connections and of course recent announcements from Apple, Microsoft and Google – not to forget Digidol of course – it must be time to have another meet-up and a cup of coffee.

I’m posting here the meet-o-matic link, please use it so that we can see if we can find a date in the w/b 9th July for a chat in the Costa Coffee, Park Place, Cardiff.

Look forward to seeing you! Oldies and newbies alike. Stay as long, or as short, a time as you like.


Meet-o-matic says …

Thanks to the nine of you who responded to my meet-o-matic invite – I do so like it as a piece of simple but effective web software!

Eight of you can manage Tuesday 1st May some time between 10:00am and 13:00pm. We’ll make sure we’re still there at 12:00 for Sarah to be able to join us, and anyone else you know who might enjoy a chat and a cup of coffee – just invite them to drop-in for as long, or as short a time as they are free.

I can’t imagine that the University’s Social Media Strategy won’t be discussed, nor that some of us might want to talk about the take-up of Connections, the progress of the Digidol Project and (of course) the need for education and culture shift in anything to do with social media in higher education.

As a postscript, I’ve just been reading the most recent issue of Wired (UK edition) and there’s an interesting article on Flip Learning – the reinvention of the university – a lot of which accords with my thinking for university (and lifelong) education in the future. See … I managed NOT to mention Google+ … nearly 🙂

Coffee and clouds

Spring is well and truly upon us. After doing the spring-cleaning of our tasks, projects and actions last month, it’s time to turn our attention to those seeds of thinking that, with a bit of watering (coffee-drinking), will turn into “the big idea” later in the year. So I’m polling for a date/time for the next #tgsmc (or, Thought grazing Social Media Cafe) meet-up. As usual it’ll be in the Costa Coffee in Park Place.

Follow the link below to let me know your availability … isn’t Meet-o-matic just the greatest of meeting maker software ???


Watch this space for a confirmed date/time, or follow @thoughtgrazing on twitter