There are always things that you read or watch that get the grey matter ticking and that you know you just have to share with everyone else. Sharing them on twitter, or through social bookmarking is fine, but it might be of value to give a commentary as to why you feel the resource is so useful; examples of how it could be used or applied, for instance; or how it relates to other pieces of work; how it could be used in a different ‘use case’, ‘context’ or ‘discipline’. That’s why the index of resources that have been posted by ‘thought grazers’ below, in the left-hand margin, might be of value.

There’s also a set of links that have been tagged ‘thoughtgrazing’ in my delicious account as well as links to the websites of fellow ‘thought grazers’ and those who share common purpose. I’m always keen to extend both.

Hopefully, you’ll find them all of interest and value.


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Fancy a coffee and a chat?


Thanks for the feedback from Meet-o-matic. From the responses so far it looks like the morning of Thursday 3rd October is a good fit; so let’s go for that day. I suggest we go from 11:00am up to lunchtime, so I’ll be in the Costa Coffee in Park Place, Cardiff from then.

Looking forward to seeing all who are interested in chatting about using Dropbox or not) – thanks Simon for the recent post, iOS7 (maybe), MOOC’s (possibly), FutureLearn (almost certainly) and Digidol (probably). All that and more. If you have an idea of something you’d like to chat about – just get in touch using the form on this page.

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